Who are we?

Blue Iris Arts was created in 2007 by Kevin Walters. The idea from the start was to create a company and brand that would transcend one person alone. That is why we have always referred to ourselves as "we" and not "I"... When viewing our Wedding Packages, you see that we are always there together, at least two of us.

We specialize in everything Wedding. Your wedding day is special to us and that is why over 100 brides have had us photograph their weddings. We love getting involved with the vision of you wedding and help you determine how your wedding will look in photos based on our past experiences. We by no means have seen it all, but we've seen a lot of ideas and a lot of Pinterest over the years!

Who am I?


I'm Kevin. I'm the guy behind the camera. I'm the one with you for your entire wedding day... I'm the guy you meet with about your wedding. I'm the guy you shake hands with when you've found the best wedding photographer for your wedding. I'm also the guy who will be bobbing his head during the dancing. The guy who helps the bride and groom tailor their wedding timeline so that they can have the best experience possible.... Hopefully, I'm your wedding photographer!


Who else is there?

You caught me! I almost always use another photographer when shooting weddings. 

Meet Dan... 

I photographed Dan's wedding back in 2011 and it was bro-love at first site. At the time, Dan was starting his own photography career. Within a year or two, his skill and experience grew to the point where I felt he was a great addition to the team. Dan enjoys shooting high school senior sessions around Sonoma county when he's not busy shooting with me.


Meet Nicole...

Nicole and my relationship started online... I was looking for an experienced photographer for an upcoming wedding and she was looking to shoot. Nicole's style ties in nicely with the look and feel that we all shoot with... It's no wonder why she is often busy shooting her own weddings in the East Bay where she lives. 



Meet Max...

Mad Max... Moto-Max... "Other Photographer"... Max has been called many things at our weddings over the years. I have known Max for years in and out of the photography forum.  When Max isn't shooting brides, he's shooting bikes! Max does some stellar motorcycle photography for AFM and AMA.