Please take a moment to read this before hiring Blue Iris Arts Photography for your wedding photography.

Kevin Walters (me!) started Blue Iris Arts back in 2007 after coming into photography during my post-college days from Sonoma State. My first job as a photographer was for a newspaper called the Community Voice. I learned a lot of valuable photography lessons during my tenure at the newspaper. The one lesson that defined my work the most was the simplest of them all... "If your photo doesn't tell a story, it won't make the paper, and you won't get paid." From then on, I started to create my own mantra of "Shoot to tell a Story".


Q: We love your Portfolio, Blog, and your Wedding Packages and they sound right for us... So can you tell me what sets you apart from all the other wedding photographers?  

A: The number one thing that sets me apart from all the other wedding photographers is my approach. Making sure a wedding goes off without a hitch is a team effort. As part of this team I’ve been known to do anything from sewing buttons, setting up chairs, putting on boutonnieres, to administering first aid. Your wedding photos are for you. Your galleries never expire and your guests won’t be marketed to. I want your entire wedding experience to be positive. From providing my prices online  so you know exactly what to expect, giving as much (or as little) photographic insight into your wedding as possible, pre-wedding site visits, and even complementary engagement shoots... Your wedding experience matters to me.

Q: This all seems wonderful and you seem like a good fit for our wedding... How can we afford it?

A: Let’s chat! I love working with your timeline to figure out the exact amount of photography coverage you need... No need to pay for more time if you don't need it. I only require a $500 deposit upon signing the contract to hold your date and we can create a custom payment plan. The remaining balance is due 1 month before the wedding.

Q: Who do you work best with? 

A: I work best with like-minded individuals. If you've gotten to this point in the page and you're agreeing with most of this, chances are we would be a good fit. I myself am slightly sarcastic, kinda silly, not too uptight, calming, and respectful.

Q: Who wouldn't benefit from my services?

A: I tend to not get booked by clients who don't get along with me. Since the images that I produce are going to be the lasting memories from your wedding, I offer a complementary engagement shoot with every wedding package in order to give you a feel for what your wedding photos are going to turn out like. If you happen to hire me for your wedding and not enjoy your engagement photos, then we have a problem. It's my goal to address that problem as quickly as possible to see if there is something that I can do better or if it would be best to part ways... I do whatever it takes to ensure you have a positive wedding experience from start to finish.

Q: Who is your ‘other photographer’ and aren't they just assisting you?”

A:  I hire fellow photographers who I have gotten to know over the years. They have complementary styles to my own and also shoot weddings on their own. Their unique perspective is something that I rely on to complement mine and I can trust them to deliver. I also choose your second photographer based on our conversations about the ideal look and feel of your wedding experience and whether or not I feel their personalities would also mesh with yours.

Q: How many photos will I get for my wedding?

A: While there is no way to exactly pinpoint the number before the wedding, I generally deliver about 60-100 photos per hour of coverage... So, if we are at your wedding for 10 hours, you may have up to around 1,000 photos. Why so many? It's my goal to provide you with a visual story of your wedding day. I want to capture the emotional moments along with the candid hugs, smiles, and tears. I strive to get a photo of at least every person at your wedding having a good time so that you can remember how people loved your special wedding day when you look back on your photos 20-30 years from now.

Q: Why don't you include an album with every package?

A:  That one is simple... Not everyone wants one! I want you to make the choice of what to do with your images. While most wedding couples do get an album from me, it's not what everyone wants. Some want a large canvas, or a cluster of small images for a wall collage. It's not my place to force you into getting something you may not want.

Q: Do I get the copyrights to the photos to do whatever I want with them?

A: Short answer: Yes. The long answer is actually no... I retain the copyrights but give you the rights to reprint and distribute. Basically, you can do whatever you want with your wedding images except get paid for them or use them in advertisements.

If everything that you've read agrees with what you are looking for in a wedding photographer, please Contact Me to set up an appointment to talk about your wedding.